The Feel of Granada

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June 17, 2013 by cmcguigan91

Granada feels like looking out over the Alhambra palace and thinking that I’m actually living in a fairytale. It feels like getting lost in plazas and wandering around narrow cobblestone streets.  It feels like being so full of chocolate and churros I can hardly breathe.

Granada looks like a park bench in the middle of a garden of roses. It looks like Arab markets full of skirts and earring and lanterns. It looks like a magnificent cathedral against a clear blue sky. It looks like the Sierra Nevada in the distance. It looks like the Corte Ingles and pomegranates on every street sign.

Granada tastes like free tapas, and a two euro bottle of wine. It tastes like chupitos and late night shawarma. It tastes like milky Pakistani tea and fruit crepes. It tastes like paella on the beach.

Granada sounds like the unmistakable Andalusian accent. It sounds like getting teased endlessly by my flat mates, but knowing they love me at the same time. It sounds like a discoteca. It sounds like Flamenco guitar and the stomping of dancing feet. It sounds like a close fútbol match. It sounds like laughter and some of the most inspirational conversations I’ve ever had.

Granada feels like meeting new people and making lifelong friends. It feels like vulnerability and uncertainty and security and confidence all rolled into one. It feels like sitting on a terrace and drinking fresh sangria. It feels like the southern Spanish sun. It feels like pure happiness. It feels like love. It feels like home.



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