How did I get this lucky?

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February 4, 2013 by cmcguigan91

Disclaimer: This may get a little cliche… lo siento!


It’s incredible how at home I am in Granada. The beauty of everything makes me feel so at peace. The other day I walked up to the top of a hill in the Albaicín neighborhood. I stood on the grass and slowly spun in a circle, looking out over the Alhambra, the Sierra Nevada, and the city. There’s no way to really describe it. I feel like I’m on top of the world.

Not every day is perfect, I still have moments I really miss my family and friends. But the beauty here just has a way of letting me know everything is going to be okay.


Even the sunsets here seem prettier. I have seen, done, and experienced more new things in the past two weeks than I ever thought possible. From the first day, when I didn’t even know how to order a sandwich, to now, its been such a journey. I’ve made new friends, adjusted to life in a different home, learned to navigate a new city, and opened myself entirely to a new culture. And it’s only been two weeks! I can only imagine what the next months have in store.


Right now I’m trying to plan trips for the next few months. It’s hard! Before I got here I wanted to travel all around Europe, but right now I’m looking more at trips in Spain. I love it here! I want to visit Northern Spain (Galicia and Basque Regions), Barcelona, Valencia, and of course I’d love to travel the Andalucía region. There’s just so much to do, and so little time! Morocco and Portugal are also on my list, and maybe I can squeeze in Paris or London. I’m leaving weekends to spend in Granada too, I want to know every part of this wonderful city!


The language is getting easier. I’m thinking in Spanish a little more. Sometimes I look back after an exchange and can’t remember if I was speaking Spanish or English! I’m less inhibited about speaking too. I have to, there’s not really a choice! Some days are harder than others, especially if I’m tired. I’m hoping to find an Intercambio (language exchange), and I’m going to volunteer at a school. There are so many opportunities here I really want to take advantage of them all!


Enjoying Churros y Chocolate

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller


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