Granada Means Pomegranate in Spanish


January 18, 2013 by cmcguigan91

The pomegranate is the symbol of Granada

The pomegranate is the symbol of Granada

I can’t believe I leave in a few days! Everything I’ve done in the past few months has lead up to this moment, this adventure. It’s finally happening! It hasn’t hit me yet that soon I’ll be on a different continent, surrounded by people who do not speak my language, in a culture that is entirely different from anything I have ever experienced.

When I told my Argentine relatives I was going to Spain, they broke out into song:

Granada tierra soñada por mí.
Mi cantar se vuelve gitano cuando es para ti.

Granada, land of my dreams.
My song becomes a gypsy when it is for you.

Granada, Andalucía, Spain

Granada, Andalucía, Spain

Granada is where I’ll be for the next four months, in a city of gypsies, flamenco, and free tapas. I’ll be studying at the Universidad of Granada, living with a host familia, and getting to know the city, the people, and the culture. I can’t wait to make this ciudad my home.

But before then, I need to pack my life away in a suitcase or two…

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” -Jack Kerouac


2 thoughts on “Granada Means Pomegranate in Spanish

  1. Tina says:

    Be safe!!!!! Eat lots of Spanish food! I’m counting on a gourmet meal from you 😉 xo

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